Coils / Plates / Strips

There are different types of coils, plates and strips available to choose from. Each of them is briefed below


Hot Rolled Coils, Cold Rolled Coils

Hot Rolled coils contain iron oxide layers & scales thus making them unsuitable for direct use, oiling of HR coils is to be in order to remove the rusty layers & scales from the surface and gives a bright surface finish. Cold rolled coils find their application mainly in bearing cages industry. Hot rolled annealed pickled coils are produced after continuous annealing and pickling.


Stainless Steel Coils

These coils have a primary use in the beer and wine serving industry but have many other unique uses in cooling, heating and heat transfer. They are used in the cold boxes or beer boxes of bars, pubs, restaurants, taverns and homes to cool continuous draw, room temperature product to 40°F-42&°F.


Carbon Steel Plate, Stainless Steel Plate

Carbon steel Plates are made of carbon fibers. These find applications in motor industry, vehicle industry and different kinds of accessories. Stainless steel plates are used where both the properties of steel and resistance to corrosion are required.