Titanium Products

Material like Copper, Titanium, and Aluminum are non-ferrous metal and is widely used to prepare non ferrous tubes and non ferrous pipes due to their shaping properties. Pranali offers all kind of non ferrous tubes which include Copper tubes, titanium tubes, aluminum tubes etc.


Titanium Tubes

These tubes are available in grades varying from ASTM Grade1 to ASTM Grade 9. A variety of titanium tubes like fittings, tubes, plates, bars, clad plates, alloy tubes, seamless tubes and welded tubes are available with us to satisfy customers’requirements.


Copper Tubes

Copper tubes are mainly used in household appliances as they are corrosion resistant. Copper tubes are known to be great as carriers of water. Hence, these are used mainly in plumbing, heating and air-conditioning industries, underground water and gas services, water distribution systems, chilled water mains, and drainage systems, heating including solar, fuel-oil systems, oxygen systems and non-flammable medical-gas systems.


Aluminum Tubes

Aluminum tubes have extensive uses in aerospace, chemical and food processing industries. Despite their reduced resistance to corrosion, there is some copper enhanced aluminum alloys around that make these aluminum tubes great for use in aerospace applications, automotive components, sensor systems and marine construction and medical equipments. It is used in many applications because it is available in various shapes like circular, rectangular and square tubing.